The focus of the JBCC Business Readiness Training Program is to provide classroom style training in business readiness for the Disadvantaged and Historically Underutilized Black Business communities.

There are 4 phases of a 4-week curriculum aimed at fostering and supporting entrepreneurship, as well as assisting emerging small business in establishing a solid scalable working model through a strategically designed course of action.

Program Participant Requirements (*)

  • Revenues less than 2.5 million annually
  • Less than 10 employees
  • Must commit to 4 workshops  

Program Cost

  • JBCC Members: $99 per Phase
  • Non-Members: $150 per Phase


It starts with a conversation

Financial literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skills to make effective and informed money management decisions. It impacts the daily decisions an average family makes when trying to balance a budget, buy a home, fund their children’s education and ensure an income at retirement.
Financial literacy not only impacts your home but it also impacts your business. 

If your business goal is to build wealth and enjoy financial security organizing your home and business finances are essential. 

Program Cost

  • JBCC Members: $99 per Phase
  • Non-Members: $150 per Phase


Learn How to Earn Money Without a J-O-B by Freelancing 

Hustle. Side gig. Moonlighting. Today, many people are looking to leave the daily grind for something that feeds their passion. People do not want to retire at the age of 60 (or older) to look back on life and feel they have wasted it. 

Luckily, it is now increasingly easy to start freelancing. While the names persist, freelance work has really started to push in from the periphery, replacing day jobs. Once you have the freedom of freelancing there is no turning back. 

Program Cost

  • JBCC Members: $20 per workshop
  • Non-Members: $30 per workshop


100 Black Women Out Of 100 Cubicles

Women can now learn how to build a successful business – one
that provides the income, freedom and fulfillment you desire – but
not have to “turn yourself into a man” in the process.
Our Women’s Entrepreneurship Training provides you a path to Success.

There are hundreds of business ownership ideas for women. The
problem for most is that they are not aware they exist, how to find
them or what options are available to them. In a comprehensive
training, discover your gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and
how they can best serve you in your new business venture.

Program Cost

  • JBCC Members: $99 per Phase
  • Non-Members: $150 per Phase


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