Our Story

The Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce (JBCC) is an autonomous organization of businesses and individuals aimed at promoting commerce and industry.

Our Mission

The mission of the Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce (JBCC) is to spur the economic development of Black businesses by increasing business opportunities such as: securing vital import and export contracts, providing access to major corporate markets, legislative awareness, advocating access to capital on behalf of its membership, providing quality educational training programs that emphasize economic development, ownership and sound wealth building.

Meet the Team

Meet the people who are making it happen.....


Founder & CEO

YSRYL is a radical individual who fights for the small black business owner to give them a chance to survive and grow. YSRYL has lobbied for the small black business owner to provide the services they need to start and grow their business. By connecting them with the best businesses and organizations they are more likely to succeed and prosper.

Javon Williams

Deputy Director

is a highly sought after Business Consultant for small business owners. As a part of the Associate(s) Consortium LLC team, she  offers a wide variety of Business Services to small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profits.

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